India's North East consists of seven states aptly known as the 'Seven Sisters' centered on tea land Assam which is the gateway to North East India. North East India is bordered by Tibet and Bhutan to the North, Myanmar to the South and East, Bangladesh and the Indian State of West Bengal to the West.

If you love the serenity of nature and need to relax and unwind, India's North East is for you. If you yearn for adventure and excitement and seek the mystique and romance of exploring wildlife in its true form and natural habitat, there is no better place. If you are looking for colourful tribes with their age old customs and traditions India's North East has the answer.

Imagine yourself by a gushing cascade or a fast flowing crystal clear rivulet writing a few words to your nearest & dearest back home ......no guarantee you might get poetic!

How about taking a few drops of rainwater to your nearest and dearest as a precious gift from the world's wettest spot! Or how about joining our colourful folk dancers with their colourful dresses & traditions?!!!

India's North East----------- Pristine forest cover, unparalleled biodiversity, colourful tribes, mouth watering healthy and nutritious cuisine, mystic Eastern Himalayas, endless tea gardens producing more than 20% of the total world tea, breathtaking landscape, the mighty river Brahmaputra, the golden Silk Muga having the GI status, warm and hospitable people, ..

India's North East .....once here in this region you would like to return again and again....!


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